• The Onion

    From Djatropine to All on Sat Jan 16 18:29:06 2021

    I don't know if you rely on the Onion as one of your primary sources
    of news, yet I recently spent 15 minutes watching var5ious cable news networks (Yes Fox, CNN, MSNBC, etc.etc) and my analasis.

    They are ALL full of #_@*1 and The ONION is *vREAL* news.

    I really thought the Onion was in the business of SATYRE, NOT news.

    In Texas on eof the covid-19 restrictions:
    Bank Robbers MUST wear a N95 Mask while robbing a bank

    Donald Trump puts on gas masks and gases all of his supporters
    Joe biden actually has had a heart attack

    Bob Barr quits the DOJ to take on a job as the K-Street Stranger

    Covid-19 mutates into car accidents
    CDC gun lover advises buying a LOT of guns to attack alkl 400 strains
    of Covid-19
    If we don't elect Trump our Enemies WIll
    Joe Biden forges Obama's signature to declare December as Dokken History Month

    And a few years ago the CNN had the Onion on their network
    mentioning that Joe Biden WROTE a book and GAVE it to them while they SOLD it.

    And while Obama was in office Obama has had to pardon Biden at least 3 times for various crimes including selling stolen used car parts.